Bachelor of Business & Professional Leadership


The Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership (BSBPL) is an undergraduate degree designed for working adults that provides a combination of basic leadership theory and business managerial concepts to enable graduates to advance in their careers. While similar, this program differs from a traditional business degree in that it assumes the student is seeking a general studies degree with an emphasis in the soft-skills and decision-making aspect of business. This 37 credit-hour major scans the most important concepts in business and organizational leadership. Students may take from 15 to 24 credit hours of practicum credit for either the ministry or marketplace in lieu of general electives. This is the degree normally understood in the marketplace as an adult degree completion program designed in an accelerated format for students ready to advance in their careers. It is also suitable for students wishing to start their careers in a business field where soft-skills, leadership potential, and experience are important.

Program Details