Through a comprehensive approach encompassing hands-on training, learning from experienced leaders, and investing in your spiritual journey, this program equips you to become a well-rounded, impactful, and spiritually enriched champion of ministry.

Ignite Growth

A Central internship promotes natural growth through:

Unleash Potential

A Central internship releases God-given potential by:

Deepen Spiritual Enrichment

A Central internship results in interns finding new excitement within their own spiritual walk by:


Hands-on training and practical experience

Gain valuable ministry insights through immersive, hands-on training that allows you to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world church scenarios. Under the mentorship of knowledgeable leaders, you’ll develop practical skills while deepening your understanding of ministry dynamics through active engagement. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful church initiatives, actively learning and participating in action.


Learning alongside full-time pastors and leaders

Hone your skills by collaborating with seasoned pastors, and engaging in experiential learning under their respected guidance. Benefit from the wisdom and insights of established church mentors, cultivating relationships that promote lifelong growth. Throughout this journey, receive personalized feedback and guidance from ministry experts to enhance your development further.


Investing in spiritual development: a transformative journey

Deepen your spiritual journey by strengthening your personal connection with God through intentional engagement. Embrace meaningful ministry experiences to uncover your true potential and align with your unique calling, fulfilling your purpose. As you grow spiritually, your faith and character will deepen, enriching your overall development.


Course Requirements

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